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Episode 193

Episode 193 - You're A Scrum Master, Now What?

Episode 189 covered how to get your first Scrum Master job. Quite a few of our listeners recently landed their first Scrum Master gigs, so we though it might be helpful to offer up a few tips & tricks for the first few weeks in a new role. We believe that much of this advice can apply to any role, so definitely give it a listen to see how it can help you!

What advice would you have for anyone transitioning into a new role. Let's discuss!!

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Bob's Diversity & Inclusion Links

Charlotte - Women in Agile & Dottie Rose

As I mentioned, Rhiannon and I shared a D&I talk recently at the Charlotte Women in Agile group - https://www.meetup.com/WIA-Charlotte/events/276693551/

In that session, two folks from the Dottie Rose Foundation spoke about some work they were involved in bringing STEM and computer training to young girls/women in Kenya. It inspired me and Dottie Rose sounds like a wonderful organization with a mission that aligns with our Meta-cast vision: https://dottierosefoundation.org/

African Agility

This is the group I've been supporting for around a year. I was introduced to them thru Aanu Gopald. They're doing fantastic work in Nigeria. I actually donate regularly to these folks based on proceeds from my CAL classes. VERY worthwhile!


Fresh Agile Voices

A friend of mine, Anthony Mersino, has begun to do short recordings intended to get new voices, diverse voices a stage or platform to be heard. He calls it Fresh Agile Voices.

He recently invited me to record a session talking about my focus and passion around my (and OUR) D&I efforts. You can see the series here - https://vitalitychicago.com/?s=fresh+agile+voices&post_type=post

The recording isn't "live" yet. My recording is here.

Scrum Masters of African Decent

I recently spoke (AMA format) at this group and I believe it's very worthy of mentioning to Meta-casters!


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