Episode 121 - Scrum Master Role Confusion

Many organizations overload the scrum master role, causing confusion for both the team(s) and the scrum master themselves.  We tackle this issue in response to a question from a listener's question (thanks Tim from Germany).

Have you been asked to serve multiples roles in your organization?  Are you operating as a scrum master and an organizational coach?  We'd love to hear how you are handling the situation in the comments below!

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  1. I enjoyed this topic! The discussion leads me to a related question of my own: what to do about an organization where scrum masters are overloaded in that they are expected to be a dev team member at the same time, writing and/or testing code. We have a coaching team here, but all of our SMs are double-roled.

  2. May I know if listening meta-cast podcasts can be used to claim PMI PDUs? Thanks

  3. Great discussion! I was contracting in an organization before where they also bundled the scrum master role with system analysis. Do you get feedback from folks about this particular combination of roles?