Episode 119 - Stories vs. Tasks vs. Epics

In our previous episode, we detailed when it is appropriate to create tasks for each of your stories.  After listening to that episode, a listener requested some details on the differences between stories, epics, and tasks.  So here we go!

How does your team use these terms?  Share your thoughts, ideas, and preferences in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I'm the English PO - but why did you have to take it to Creepy Town?!
    P.S. This episode brought Shu-Ha-Ri to my proper attention for the first time. I've no doubt heard it said by the NC crew (Bob, Josh, Cory) before but I guess I just thought you were saying Yee-Haa or Ya-Hoo :)

  2. Thank you for this episode, it's very timely and was very useful to hone in what we just learned from Bob's recent visit here! I did have one question though....one of the "features" identified was "build roof", then when Josh was asked to subsequently break down the features into stories, he used "as a dog I want a roof to keep dry". Although the wording is different, these appear to be the same thing to me since they are at the same level of granularity so perhaps I'm missing something ? I know you subsequently went on to add "add shingles", "get frame", etc which are stories of the "roof feature". Any clarification on why "roof" was included as a story for the "roof" feature would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I'd have to go back and listen, but my recollection is that I "refined" the "roof" feature to have a more "proper" story format. Either that or I just screwed up... :)

      Definitely can't image a roof feature with a redundant roof story.