Episode 110 - Great Agile Backlogs

It all starts with a backlog.  The health of an agile team correlates directly with the state of its backlog.

That all sounds great.  How do we get our backlog to be "great"?  Listen to this podcast, that's how!

We are kidding, or are we?  This episode offers a lot of great tips that can help you get your backlogs back on track and making a real difference in your team's performance.  Oh, and Bob may have written a thing or two about backlogs...
What is your secret sauce for great backlogs?

Episode 109 - Building An Agile Brand

Learn the importance of treating yourself as a brand, especially in the agile community.  Bob and Josh share their experience, and a few tips, as they walk through their thought processes in building their individual brand, corporate brands, and the brand of this podcast.

More importantly, we want for your feedback and ideas on agile brand building.  To support the community, we need you to engage with your fellow listeners by sharing your thoughts and ideas using the hashtag #ABB.  Let's discuss!