Episode 108 - Importance of Tempo

Why is cadence/temp so important to agile success?  It is amazing to see how something as simple as a well defined cadence reduces the "noise" of a process and provides focus for teams and individuals.

Have you experimented with different tempos?  What success stories do you have?  Let's discuss!

Introducing The Agile Podcast Network

Bob and I started our podcast seven years ago with a simple mission: help others become more effective software professionals through the use of solid agile principles.

That's a big mission.  We know we can't do it alone.  We also know we don't have all of the answers.  With the Agile Podcast Network, you are presented with an array of podcasts focusing across the spectrum of your agile needs.

  • Looking for a different view on product ownership?  APN has that.
  • Looking for a diverse set of guest speakers? APN hast that.
  • Looking for the best agile podcasts on the internet?  APN is that.

Episode 107 - Bad Cop, Bad Cop: When Agile Isn't Right For You

Even though Bob and Josh believe agile is the right path, there are some situations when trying to "go agile" just might not be right.  We take a deep dive into uncovering common indicators that taking on an agile transition in organization would actually be a bad idea.

Did we miss anything?  Have you run into any of these scenarios?  Let's discuss!