Episode 101 - Explaining Agile To Non-Software People

We spend most of our days focusing on agile, writing code, and everything else that goes into delivering world class software.  However, agile is applicable well beyond the realm of software engineering. How can you relate agile to family, friends, or anyone else that wonders what you do?  Can you explain agile to someone and help them apply it in their daily life?

Bob and Josh take a stab at doing just that in this episode.  What tips/tricks/stories do you use in this instance?  Please share!


  1. About explaining feedback cycles to anyone, here's the best example I've heard sofar: when you get a haircut and tell the hairdresser to cut 5cm off, he/she never goes on with it right away. Instead he/she take a measure with a couple fingers and shows you what it means to get your feedback "like that?". It's particularly important when the hairdresser shows you 2cm and your only reaction is "are you crazy? not that much"! Here's the power of feedback, reformulating to your client and feedback on the product itself.

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