Episode 96 - Frameworks as a Silver Bullet (FaaSB), The Fallacy...

Frameworks, frameworks, frameworks!  So many folks are selling one, and everyone else thinks they need one.  Bob and Josh rip into the idea that any one framework can be a silver bullet for your situation.  Learn how to evaluate what makes sense for you and how to build an agile approach that fits your unique situation.


  1. Hi Bob, Hi Josh,

    thanks for the fun and informative discussion again. I totally agree with you about the silver-bullet-next-next-next-management-installed-framework, I've seen many a manager trying to "do agile" in a project or a department... and fail miserably.

    In one of the last projects I've been as a coach / SM on, we started using S Scrum as a basic common understanding and scaled it following our guts feelings to a development team of about 45 developers. Then we completely ignored the Scrum guide and instead came back to the Agile Manifesto itself wondering at every corner if decision X or Y served individuals and interactions or process & tools and so on. What we later realized is that doing so, we kind of recreated LeSS.

    As the project grew, we realized that the friction had more to do with the organisation than with our projet structure. So we encouraged Scrum of Scrum meetings, started having SoS-like meetings with management and other departments etc. Later-on, we also realized that this approach is very similar to what Jeff Sutherland is advocating through his "aggressive Scrum" approach: simply Scrum, with more involvement from management through daily SoS all the way up the chain of command.

    What I find fascinating with the story of this project is that in the end, the way of doing things we defined for ourselves worked when we remained as simple as it can be, and as Scrum-like as it can be. Whenever we tried to introduce complexity, it came back to haunt us later on.

    Simplicity Rocks!


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    Is there any chance the volume can be increased in future casts?

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