Episode 94 - Agile Is Dead

Is that title just clickbait? Give us a listen and find out...  ;)

Just kidding!  Don't worry, we really do dig into a growing movement declaring that agile is dead.  Some of our more recent experience aligns with this view.  How did we get here?  What can we do about it?

Do you think agile is dead?  What are you doing about it?  Let's discuss!!!


  1. Just listened to this episode. I think it is the nature of business to suck up any idea that looks like it is different and can generate revenue. On the one hand it gets away from the original intent and on the other it allows more highly structured companies to have permission to look at adopting agile, even if it is not with the purest intentions. And this has been one of the arguments; do we tolerate impure or even greed driven implementations of Agile? The answer is yes, of course we do. Just like beneficial patterns help us find better paths, anti-patterns show us paths to avoid or recover from. Also managing the change from something like SAFe to Scrum of Scrums might be easier than from waterfall.
    Also on demoing code: Agreed! At my last company we demoed back end and API functionality regularly on the one hand for the team to be exposed to what is happening behind the UI, but also to constantly allow developers to be growing and developing their presentation and communication skills and confidence.
    Great episode, Thanks!

    1. Happy to hear you enjoyed it. Nice to hear that other folks are demoing the back end stuff!

      Anti-patterns are annoying and useful all at the same time. Good point on that!

  2. Thanks for the episode, it was entertaining and thoughts triggering as always!

    I'd like to add two drops to the discussion:
    - First, this "agile is dead" idea is also what Jeff Sutherland has been advocating for for a while. I heard him speak at a Meetup in Germany about his "Aggressive Scrum" philosophy, which is basically the same as saying: Scrum has been so misused that we need a new name to mean what Scrum was intended to be. Although I don't fully adhere to his radical views on his Scrum Framework, I came to the same conclusion that Scrum without "Air Cover" (eg. Management Championing) is due to fail on the long run. You should read about his ideas, that's interesting to say the least.
    - Secondly, I'd like to emphasize that if indeed "agility is dead" for the bleeding edge, it is far from being dead for the common man. Many a company would benefit from some agility, let alone "bad" one and we more than every others should beware when saying those things... we might be overheard ;)

    Anyhow, thanks again and keep up the discussion, the format is really enjoyable and the topics always great!