Episode 93 - Revisiting Agile Testing

We originally discussed agile testing over 5 years (and 80 episodes) ago.  Today we revisit the topic to learn how our views of testing in an agile world have evolved.  We cover topics ranging from QA/Dev ratios to automation.  You'll find that we've learned a lot over the year and this episode reflects that.

How has your view of agile testing evolved over time?  Leave a comment below or mention us on twitter using #AgileTesting to start the conversation.

Here are links to our original discussions from 2010 and 2011.

Episode 92 - How to Hire a Scrum Master

Hiring a Scrum Master is one of those things that doesn't happen often, especially when you compare it to how often you hire an engineer to fill a role in your agile team.  Like anything in life, practice helps refine your skills.  If you haven't had the opportunity to hire bunches of Scrum Masters (and therefore refine your process of doing so), this episode will help you sharpen up quickly.

What tips/tricks do you have for hiring a Scrum Master?