Episode 91 - Revisiting Trust

Episode 90 set the stage for our "return to basics" approach.  The first step of that approach requires us to start at the beginning.  Over six years ago, we opened our podcast with what we believed to be the most important piece of agile, Trust.  Today, we revisit that topic with a combined 12 years of new ideas, theories, failures, and thoughts.

How has your definition of trust evolved over the past 6 years?  Let's discuss!

Episode 90 - Revisiting The Basics, Part 1

A big thanks goes out to our listeners that have either been with us from the beginning or those that went all the way back to episode #1 and binge-listened until they were caught up. We know not everyone has done that, so we are introducing a plan to revisit some of the basics.

In this episode, we tee up that renewed focus on the basics.  We've learned a lot since we started podcasting six years ago and plan to share those learnings.  Our agile lives evolved in the past 90 episodes, so we feel it is time to share our evolution with you.

If there are any past episodes you'd like to hear us tackle again, please add a comment below!

Episode 89 - Coaching Up

In our last episode we discussed how to lead an organization into the world of agile.  Now we tackle supporting your agile adoption by coaching upwards (AKA into your leadership team).  There are countless resources for coaching agile teams, scrum masters, etc., but how do you coach an executive that is unknowingly squashing your adoption's success?  How do you ensure that the entire organization, including executives, understand what it means to be "agile"?  We are here to help!

Bonus Content: Here is the blog article Bob mentioned in the podcast.

Episode 88 - Leading An Agile Organization

So much talking, writing, debating, etc. is done around how to operate an agile team.  What about the rest of the organization?  If you are a leader, how does agile affect you and your daily efforts?  Bob and Josh dig into the approaches they use as agile leaders in hopes of answering these questions.