Episode 87 - Introducing The Agile Donut

Josh introduces what The Dude team calls "The Agile Donut" to Bob.  This new model (some might even call it a framework) combines multiple agile approaches into a successful, unique recipe for scaling agile.  Learn how Josh and team applied portions of Lean, Scrum, Spotify, SaFE, and others into what we refer to as "The Agile Donut".

What are your thoughts on our new approach?  What parts would work for you?  Everyone at The Dude is dying to see it in action elsewhere, so let us know what you discover!

Episode 86 - Microservices & Agile

Like the word "agile", the "microservices" buzzword gets thrown around a lot.  Just like agile again, it often gets used by folks who don't fully understand what it means.  In fact, you may already have an executive coming to you saying "we need microservices!".

Learn what microservices are and how they affect/support/challenge many of your existing, basic agile and software engineering principles and practices.  Josh walks you through the Dude's evolution of their microservices approach and provides some insight into future evolutions in this area.

How are microservices used in your organization? Let's discuss!