Episode 78 - The Three Amigos

Sticking with our recent theme of threes (see the previous episode), Bob intoduces us to The Three Amigos concept and how it can facilitate communication across all roles in your team.

Consistent, quality communication drives success in agile, and this approach is another tool for your coaching toolbelt.  What other coaching tricks do you use?  Let us know!

Bonus Content:
Here's a link to the 3-Amigo's blog post that Bob mentions in the cast...

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Episode 77 - The Three Bears of Agile Team Sizing

Too big?  Too small?  Just right?  Where does your team fit in that paradigm?

We share our experiences in building agile teams and describe what "just right" looks like.  How do you know when to stop growing or when to break up a team.  We answer these questions for you.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

As a reminder, any listener question/topic that we discuss on air gets one of our fancy new stickers!  Post questions in the comments, on twitter, or whatever your preferred channel is.  We look forward to tackling your questions and comments!

Bonus Content:
Here a link to the recent blog post that Bob did on this topic...

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A Quick Look at Josh...

I think it's long overdue that we connect the name (Josh Anderson) with the face.

And, in fact, this is the exact room where the Meta-Cast is recorded week-over-week.

Our hope is that this helps connect you (our listeners) to our advice - since you can now envision from whence it comes.

Stay agile our friends,
Bob & Josh.