Episode 73 - Technical Product Ownership

In this episode, Bob and Josh discuss the challenges presented to a product owner and team when stories classified as "non-product" work land in the backlog.  These stories typically include architectural work, research spikes, and other technical challenges like these that end users may never see and/or notice.

We present the common problems teams run into and offer a few suggestions for how your group can execute on these just like all of your "normal" stories.

How do you and your team handle these stories?  We'd love to hear.

Bonus Content!!!
In this episode, Bob mentions a couple of articles he's written on this subject.  Here they are..
Technical Product Ownership
Technical User Stories - What, When, and How?

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  1. Another great episode which inspires a topic recommendation: toward the end you started talking about chapters (eg. UI/UX chapter, back end chapter, etc).

    How about an episode exploring what "chapters" mean to you and your orgs. Are they similar to Spotify's model (chapters, guilds, tribes, squads)? How do your chapters relate to teams? Any lessons learned in creating & shepherding these chapters?

    And yeah, the audio quality is superb. Kudos!
    - Vic @AgileCoffee

  2. Glad you found value in our discussion! I think we can cover that in the next couple of episodes... :)