Episode 74 - Agile Collaboration Across Your Entire Organization

In this episode, Bob and Josh wrap up their three part series on collaboration.  In doing so we tackle the final step an organizaiton takes in becoming truly agile.  Learn how to enable your entire company to agile through world class collaboration.  We cover tips and tricks that each of us has used in the past to help our companies in this area.  What tips can you share?

If you missed either of the discussions on first and second level of collaboration, they can be found below:

Level One
Level Two

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Episode 73 - Technical Product Ownership

In this episode, Bob and Josh discuss the challenges presented to a product owner and team when stories classified as "non-product" work land in the backlog.  These stories typically include architectural work, research spikes, and other technical challenges like these that end users may never see and/or notice.

We present the common problems teams run into and offer a few suggestions for how your group can execute on these just like all of your "normal" stories.

How do you and your team handle these stories?  We'd love to hear.

Bonus Content!!!
In this episode, Bob mentions a couple of articles he's written on this subject.  Here they are..
Technical Product Ownership
Technical User Stories - What, When, and How?

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