Episode 72 - Speedcast on Scrum Masters & Sound Quality

In this speedcast Bob and Josh help you recognize a good scrum master from a bad scrum master.  We also chat about our new audio setup and how we expect it to drastically improve our audio quality.

Let us know what you think about our audio quality and what you view as the key qualities required to be a good scrum master.

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Episode 71 - Successfully Scale Collaboration Across Agile Teams

In this episode, Bob and Josh continue discussing the three levels of collaboration.  After tackling collaboration inside an agile team in our previous episode, we dig into how to scale collaboration across all of our agile teams.  We get sidetracked by a debate about what a healthy sprint review looks like, but we end up circling back to the topic of cross-team collaboration.

Let us know how you collaborate across all of your teams.  We'd love to hear your tips and tricks.

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Episode 70 - Maximize Collaboration Inside Your Agile Team

In this episode, Bob and Josh kick off a series discussing the three levels of collaboration in an agile organization.  Level one focuses on maximizing collaboration inside of each agile team.  Learn the warning signs that indicate a need for you and your team to focus on improving your collaboration, along with ways to make that improvement happen.

As always, we want your feedback and any tips/tricks you may have that could help other teams increase their collaboration.

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