Episode 68 - Estimation Demystified!

As a continuation from Episode 67's goal of demystifying story points, Bob and Josh dig into estimations.  When should you do them?  How long should they take?  Who should do the estimations?

Take a listen and let us know what you think.  How does your organization handle estimations?

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  1. "...operating with trust at all levels..."
    "...so make adjustments, lead... you can't have it all, so what are you going to pick? Last time I checked, this is why you get paid the big bucks..."

    Quality, lads.
    So much leadership, especially in software, is done by people without passion or knowledge of software.
    There's a lot of hiding behind 'Harvard Business School speak'.
    The pervading culture is one of not being seen to be making mistakes, even when you are and never calling them out.
    At all levels this behaviour is the norm, which leads to false estimates, reporting green, blowing smoke up petooties, etc.
    I think people also have a false notion of leadership. Great leaders aren't ones that never fail, they are leaders that make good decisions the most often.

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