Episode 83 - Football and agile, how closely related are they?

It is bowl season here in the US, so we decided to explore how closely related the game of football and all of its preparation are related to traditional agile/scrum ceremonies.  We think you'll be surprised to hear how closely they align...
  • What other parallels do you see?  
  • Are there other sports that more closely align to agile and its ceremonies?  

UX Bonus Content!!!

I just got back from Atalssian's user conference and wanted to share a link to a talk on how they integration UX into their process.  Here you go, and I hope it helps!!!

Here is the full content: http://summit.atlassian.com/videos/interact/power-of-sparring

Episode 82 - Integrating UX into Agile

One of the more common questions we get centers around ways to integrate a UX team/process/approach into Agile.  Bob and Josh share their experiences and approaches that worked/didn't work in hopes of helping you continually improve the integration of your UX team.

What tricks have you used?  Share them in the comments or on twitter!

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Episode 81 - Chicken Rules

We identify a few rules of engagement for members of your organization that are not a part of the scrum team.  We discuss where the term "chicken" originated from and provide tips and tricks for anyone making the transition as a leader in an organization evolving/transforming to agile.  This is a key challenge for any organization transitioning to agile and, if mis-handled, often leads to a failed agile implementation.

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Episode 80 - Runaway Roles!

An agile team's struggles can often be attributed to one of the primary scrum roles (scrum master, product owner, & team) running amok.  Bob and Josh dig into common reasons causing each role to begin to lose its way.  We then provide you with a few tools that can help correct each behavior.  In doing so, you should be able to reduce the level of "amokedness" (Bob's new word) inside your agile team.

Have you ever seen any of these patterns, or maybe even a few we didn't discuss?  Please share with us and your fellow listeners!

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Episode 79 - Growing Great Scrum Masters

Where do great scrum masters come from and how can you groom them in your organization?  Bob and Josh dig into various ways to make that happen.  We also cover some of the most common anti-patterns we've seen over the years.  Hopefully those anti-patterns don't sound too familiar! :)

How did you become a scrum master?  Was the transition silky smooth or were there a few bumps in the road?  Please share any tips in our comments or on twitter.

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Episode 78 - The Three Amigos

Sticking with our recent theme of threes (see the previous episode), Bob intoduces us to The Three Amigos concept and how it can facilitate communication across all roles in your team.

Consistent, quality communication drives success in agile, and this approach is another tool for your coaching toolbelt.  What other coaching tricks do you use?  Let us know!

Bonus Content:
Here's a link to the 3-Amigo's blog post that Bob mentions in the cast...

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Episode 77 - The Three Bears of Agile Team Sizing

Too big?  Too small?  Just right?  Where does your team fit in that paradigm?

We share our experiences in building agile teams and describe what "just right" looks like.  How do you know when to stop growing or when to break up a team.  We answer these questions for you.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

As a reminder, any listener question/topic that we discuss on air gets one of our fancy new stickers!  Post questions in the comments, on twitter, or whatever your preferred channel is.  We look forward to tackling your questions and comments!

Bonus Content:
Here a link to the recent blog post that Bob did on this topic...

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A Quick Look at Josh...

I think it's long overdue that we connect the name (Josh Anderson) with the face.

And, in fact, this is the exact room where the Meta-Cast is recorded week-over-week.

Our hope is that this helps connect you (our listeners) to our advice - since you can now envision from whence it comes.

Stay agile our friends,
Bob & Josh.

Episode 76 - The Great Release Planning Debate

We revisit our often debated topic of release planning.  Josh slipped up in episode 75 and mentioned a new appreciation for the process.  Given Josh's past comments about his disdain for release planning, Bob jumped all over him and demanded that our next episode centered on this topic.  Find out what caused Josh to evolved his viewpoints and hear Bob grill him on this new revelation!

What are your views on release planning?  When is it appropriate?  If it is appropriate, how often should you do it?  Who should be involved?  We'd love to hear your thoughts.

As a reminder, any listener question/topic that we discuss on air gets one of our fancy new stickers!  Post questions in the comments, on twitter, or whatever your preferred channel is.  We look forward to tackling your questions and comments!

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Episode 75 - Squads, Chapters, & Tribes... Oh My!!!

In this episode, Bob and Josh respond to a listener request around our views/implementations of Spotify's agile approach.  Vic (@AgileCoffee) asked specifically about our view on Chapters, so we dig into what they are, how we use them, and how they fit into the whole approach.

What's your view on Spotify's spin on agile?  Do you use any of their techniques?

Bonus Content:
Here is the article Josh mentions that he just wrote about this topic and how Spotify's methods are applied in his company: Why We Spotify'd Our Names

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Episode 74 - Agile Collaboration Across Your Entire Organization

In this episode, Bob and Josh wrap up their three part series on collaboration.  In doing so we tackle the final step an organizaiton takes in becoming truly agile.  Learn how to enable your entire company to agile through world class collaboration.  We cover tips and tricks that each of us has used in the past to help our companies in this area.  What tips can you share?

If you missed either of the discussions on first and second level of collaboration, they can be found below:

Level One
Level Two

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Episode 73 - Technical Product Ownership

In this episode, Bob and Josh discuss the challenges presented to a product owner and team when stories classified as "non-product" work land in the backlog.  These stories typically include architectural work, research spikes, and other technical challenges like these that end users may never see and/or notice.

We present the common problems teams run into and offer a few suggestions for how your group can execute on these just like all of your "normal" stories.

How do you and your team handle these stories?  We'd love to hear.

Bonus Content!!!
In this episode, Bob mentions a couple of articles he's written on this subject.  Here they are..
Technical Product Ownership
Technical User Stories - What, When, and How?

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Episode 72 - Speedcast on Scrum Masters & Sound Quality

In this speedcast Bob and Josh help you recognize a good scrum master from a bad scrum master.  We also chat about our new audio setup and how we expect it to drastically improve our audio quality.

Let us know what you think about our audio quality and what you view as the key qualities required to be a good scrum master.

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Episode 71 - Successfully Scale Collaboration Across Agile Teams

In this episode, Bob and Josh continue discussing the three levels of collaboration.  After tackling collaboration inside an agile team in our previous episode, we dig into how to scale collaboration across all of our agile teams.  We get sidetracked by a debate about what a healthy sprint review looks like, but we end up circling back to the topic of cross-team collaboration.

Let us know how you collaborate across all of your teams.  We'd love to hear your tips and tricks.

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Episode 70 - Maximize Collaboration Inside Your Agile Team

In this episode, Bob and Josh kick off a series discussing the three levels of collaboration in an agile organization.  Level one focuses on maximizing collaboration inside of each agile team.  Learn the warning signs that indicate a need for you and your team to focus on improving your collaboration, along with ways to make that improvement happen.

As always, we want your feedback and any tips/tricks you may have that could help other teams increase their collaboration.

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Episode 69 - Why are so many agile adoptions failing?

In this episode, Bob and Josh talk through common agile transition failures.  We provide solutions to many of these problems so that you and your team can succeed in your implementation of Agile.  We also discuss the concept of starting with Kanban instead of Scrum.  

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Episode 68 - Estimation Demystified!

As a continuation from Episode 67's goal of demystifying story points, Bob and Josh dig into estimations.  When should you do them?  How long should they take?  Who should do the estimations?

Take a listen and let us know what you think.  How does your organization handle estimations?

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Episode 67 - Story Points Demystified!

What are story points?
Why would we use them?
How do we pick a unit?
Can I make my teams all use the same numbers?
How do we get started?

We answer all of these and more as we dig into the hotly debated world of story points.  Like user stories, story points are often talked about, but seldom clarified.  Our goal with this podcast is to give you the tools you need to make story points useful in your organization.

Please let us know how you use story points in the comment section.

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Episode 66 - The Future of Agile

In this episode, Bob and Josh respond to a listener request from @sjoerddruiven about the future of agile.  We dig into our hopes for agile's future and also some realistic concerns and fears for where it could end up.  What are your fears?  How can you help shape agile's future?

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