Episode 64 - Revisiting SAFe

In this episode, Bob and Josh revisit the Scaled Agile Framework (AKA SAFe).  Josh recently attended a "Leading SAFe" class and that generates some juicy discussion around what SAFe may, or may not, offer to organizaitons like yours.  If you are evaluating the adoption of SAFe, this episode provides a sneak peek into whether or not it is a fit for you.

What is your experience with SAFe?  Has it added value or more headaches?


I've blogged several times about SAFe in my journey towards becoming a SPC - SAFe Program Consultant. You can read the progression of ideas here:
  1. http://rgalen.com/agile-training-news/2013/3/10/scaled-agile-framework-is-it-safe.html?rq=SAFe
  2. http://rgalen.com/agile-training-news/2014/1/14/well-i-went-and-did-it?rq=SAFe
  3. http://rgalen.com/agile-training-news/2014/6/24/reactions-and-thoughts-from-my-safe-spc-certification-class?rq=SAFe
As you might be able to tell, I'm slightly "torn" around the value of SAFe. That being said, I do feel that is has value...in specific contexts.

Stay agile my friends,

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