Episode 62 - Hardening Sprints, Good or Bad?

In this episode, Bob and Josh discuss the concept of hardening sprints and what, if any, value they add.  This has been a long standing debate for us, so it is good to finally get it out to our listeners.

What side of the debate do you land on?  Do you use hardening sprints?


Perhaps a year or more ago I wrote quite a long piece surrounding the use of Hardening Sprints. While Josh will accuse me of being 100% for them, I do see them as something needing care and experience to use "properly".

I tried to make article balanced, while also doing some "research" to support the concept. The article appeared in Agile Record, a virtual e-zine from Germany. Here's a link to the PDF -


I hope it helps provide you with some depth and breadth to Hardening Sprints other then "they're good" or "they suck" ;-)

Stay agile my friends,

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