Episode 61 - Assembling An Agile Team

In this episode, Bob and Josh discuss ways to assemble an optimal agile team.  We also get into an interesting debate over what candidates (including Bob and Josh) should wear to an interview.  We look forward to your feedback and comments, especially pertaining to that debate!

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Episode 60 - The Great Space Debate

In this episode, Bob and Josh discuss various seating options for your agile teams.  The endless debate around open office layouts earns a large amount of our discussion.  Regardless of your stance on that topic, we share a few tips that will help make any space better.  Feel free to weigh in with comments on our website about your views on what works best for your teams.

There's the notion of "caves and commons" from the early days of XP. Here's a wonderful post from 2007 that covers some nice ground. Now if only Josh and I had read it prior to our debate ;-)


And here's a reaction to this discussion that I wrote up on my own blog:


Enjoy the discussion in the Meta-cast and the blogs. Stay agile my friends,