Episode 55 - The Struggling Team Member Support Plan

In this episode, Bob and Josh respond to a listener question about what to do when a team member is not performing as well as the team needs them to.  What should the team do?  What should their manager do?  We tackle both angles and give you a plan to help.

Do you agree or disagree with our views?  If so, please let us know on Twitter, our blog, or wherever else you find us!


Around the time when we recorded this Meta-Cast, I was writing about a situation with a team member who was struggling in their performance. In this case, it was a "coach" sort of complaining about one of their team's Product Owners.

It made me think about some of the dynamics of team performance, accountability, communication, and "handling" situations.

The two posts/articles can be found here:
  1. http://rgalen.com/agile-training-news/2014/10/19/agile-teams-the-weakest-link-part-1
  2. http://rgalen.com/agile-training-news/2014/10/19/agile-teams-the-weakest-link-can-you-hear-me-now-part-2
Hope you enjoy the discussion. Stay agile my friends,

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