Episode 50 - The Essence of Agile

50 episodes!?!?

After 3 years and 50 episodes spanning all kinds of crazy topics, we get back to basics in this show.  In our last meta-cast we discussed how Agile has "jumped the shark" (I guess we should have known the answer to that since we capitalize it now...), Bob and I start all over again.  In an effort to remove all of the fluff and buzzword bonanza that dominates many Agile discussions today, we talk through what is really at the core of Agile.  How important are standups?  What one ceremony is non-negotiable?

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Episode 49 - Has Agile Jumped The Shark?

In this episode, Bob and Josh discuss whether or not Agile has jumped the shark.  After educating Bob on what that term means, we dig into the reality of the situation and what we can do about getting Agile back to its roots.  We have some ideas that we plan to tackle in future podcasts, but would love to hear what our listeners think we (the community) can do to fix this situation...

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