Episode 42 - Defending Agile Against Waterfall Bob

In this episode, Bob transforms into a waterfall advocate. Josh fights to convince him that Agile is more than just a buzzword and that can help his projects.  While this debate was a fun execise for us, we hope it helps everyone out there who is struggling to convince their co-workers/boss/whoever that Agile may be the right thing for your project.  If there are any challenges or questions you are struggling with out there, let us know as we would love to help you out!  

We also debut one of the podcast improvements we talked about in our retrospective discussion in episode 40.  We have bumper music!  A big thanks goes out to @matthewdavis for hooking us up!  We hope you like the new intro!

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Episode 41 - Deep Dive Into The Product Owner Quadrants

In this episode, Bob and Josh begin defining the concept of the product owner quadrants.  It comes as a shock to no one that we only worked through the first quadrant in 36 minutes!  The first quadrant discussed is "project managment".  That term sends Josh into a downward spiral and forces the two of us to really define what "project management" means and we eventually land on renaming it to "project planning".  Take a listen and see if you agree or diasagree with the new name and the responsibilities defined in this first quadarant. 

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Agile Starter Kit Survey

As discussed in episode 40, here is the survey about the need for a physical Agile Starter Kit.
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Episode 40 - A retrospective...

40th episode already!?!?

Bob and Josh pause for the 40th episode to do a classic scrum retrospective of the Meta-Cast itself.  All three questions (what did we do well, what could we do better at, and what should we try in the future) are asked, and answered, as we look forward to where we want to take our podcast.

In the second half of the podcast, we ask for input on the value of creating a physical version of the Agile Starter Kit.  Please, please, please weigh in with your thoughts and comments on if doing so would add any value.  We plan to post a survey a bit later, but any and all comments are welcome!

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