Episode 38 - Agile Starter Kit, Part 4

In this episode, Bob and Josh wrap-up their initial pass at what fits into the Agile Starter Kit.  They end with talking through some of the technical aspects of implementing Agile in your workplace, digging into topics like continuous integration, pair programming, designs/specifications, and finally wrap up with metrics.

While Bob and Josh try to remain tool/technology agnostic, there are a few key points that they hit that could use a few wikipedia links to help out.  So if you heard these terms in the podcast, but were not exactly sure what they meant, here are your podcast footnotes for episode 38.  If you need more info, please ask in the comments and we'll get you an answer.
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  1. You talked about identifying the features that make-up minimum viable product. Do we need to identify stories within each feature to come-up with minimum viable feature?

  2. There's a trend in agile where we use the terms Minimal Marketable and Minimal Viable with Feature and Product. The intent across the board is the same -- to get us thinking about the customer and "slimming down" each of our efforts to it's very essence. The smallest possible thing that could work to delight our customer. It's just a question then of granularity - features vs. product.

    I think this is an incredibly powerful trend. For example, the first thing I do when I'm training a new agile team in creating their first backlog - is development a MMP view for R1 of the product. It helps in prioritization and in focus.

    Is it a panacea? No. Stakeholders can still ask for the world AND expect to get it ;-). But it's a simple tool that can sometimes help our collaboration.