Episode 38 - Agile Starter Kit, Part 4

In this episode, Bob and Josh wrap-up their initial pass at what fits into the Agile Starter Kit.  They end with talking through some of the technical aspects of implementing Agile in your workplace, digging into topics like continuous integration, pair programming, designs/specifications, and finally wrap up with metrics.

While Bob and Josh try to remain tool/technology agnostic, there are a few key points that they hit that could use a few wikipedia links to help out.  So if you heard these terms in the podcast, but were not exactly sure what they meant, here are your podcast footnotes for episode 38.  If you need more info, please ask in the comments and we'll get you an answer.
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Episode 37 - Halftime Rants

In this episode, Bob and Josh take a break from the Agile Starter Kit series to talk through some current events.  Bob unloads on Dean Leffingwell and his SAFe Certification Program.  After listening, I think eveyone will understand why Bob is so passionate about this misguided approach.  Josh then talks through a couple of moments of inspiration over the past couple of months.

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Episode 36 - Agile Starter Kit, Part 3

We are back! Bob and Josh dig into defining the actual team members required for your starter team.  What are the roles and responsiblities needed to make a Shu team grow into a Ha team?  Who do you hire to join in the fun?  Can your team members be part time team members or do they have to be fully dedicated?  These questions and more are answered in this exciting installment of the Meta-Cast.  Sorry, I was channelling my inner Stan Lee there for a second...

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