Bob's New Book: Agile Reflections

I've been writing about agile topics for years. I wrote a Product Ownership focused book in 2009 and am working on a 2'nd Edition of it for publication in 2013.

I've also been actively blogging at two portals. One if PM Times, which is focused more towards Project Managers. The other is BA Times, focused towards Business Analysts.

I recently pulled what I think are some of the most valuable content from these two blogs and compiled a new book called Agile Reflections.

You can find it at Createspace here or on Amazon here. We're working on making it available for the Kindle and that should be in late January 2013.

Here's a snippet from the cover:

Agile Reflections began as a collection of blog posts from several series I've written from 2009 to 2012. As I looked back on the content, I saw some very compelling stories that, if updated and integrated into a cohesive volume, might add even more value to agile teams trying to increase their maturity and effectiveness.

There are five sections to the book:
1. Beginnings- the art of the start; how to effectively begin your agile teams and projects
2. Execution- where the rubber meets the road I suppose...guidance around effectively iterating
3. Customer- the why and what behind agile teams; who drives the value and who you deliver to
4. Mindset- you can easily 'say' you're agile, but are you really?
5. Leadership- yes, we need 'stinkin' leadership. I think more so in agile teams than many believe

I hope you find some value in the pages (physical or virtual) of this book. I want to think it will help you to become Seriously Agile.

I think you might find some value in the shared lessons from the book. If you do, please consider writing a review. Thanks for listening and Stay Agile my Friends...


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