Episode 32 - Looking ahead to 2013

In this episode, Bob and Josh look ahead to 2013 and the evolving landscapes of the agile and software development communities. We talk about some of the changes we would like to see and then start digging in to how we can help drive that change.  What change are you looking to make in your own agile implementation(s)?

Episode 31 - Who needs product owners anyways!?!

Bob and Josh discuss the merits and challenges presented by having a dedicated product owner in your team. The concept of the "single wringable neck" is attacked from various fronts. We also provide guidance on how teams can tackle quick adoption of scrum without a product owner. Will Bob's "Quadrants of Responsibility" approach work for your teams?

Episode 30 - Courage

In this episode, Bob and Josh discuss the numerous areas requiring courage in our industry. Why do so many people struggle to say "no"? Where can I be more courageous? We answer these questions and more...

Episode 29 - Enabling Change

In this episode Bob and Josh discuss how you can enable change throughout your team. We even discuss the idea of enabling too much change and the dangers that can be presented with that mistake.

Episode 28 - Discussing Stoos

Bob and Josh tackle the recent movement in the Agile/Leadership community commonly referred to as "Stoos". What is it all about? Should you care? How will it affect you going forward? We cover all of these questions in this episode in an effort to get you up to speed on this growing initiative in our world.

Episode 27 - Release Planning and Estimation

Bob and Josh come right back to the Release Planning topic to dig into some of its juicier bits. In this episode, Bob and Josh tackle the ever challenging topic of estimation. When should you do it? Who should do it? In the end, a basic blueprint is assembled giving guidance on these questions.

Episode 26 - Release Planning and Story Points

Bob and Josh return after a 5 month hiatus!!! In this episode, Bob and Josh discuss styles of release planning and some of the pitfalls we've run into in our travels. One topic that causes much debate is story points. How and when should you use them, and are they right for every instance of Agile.