Episode 14 - Agile Adoption

Bob and Josh tackle their first listener-submitted question, which centers around agile adoption. How do you start an agile adoption? What are some of the pre-reqs for a successful adoption (tools, talent, knowledge, etc.)? How can you scale these successes throughout your enterprise? These items and more are covered in episode 14. Enjoy!!!

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Free Agile Adoption Meta-Workshop

Yeah, that's right, Bob and Josh are co-hosting a free Agile Adoption meta-workshop (since it's us, we kind of have to call it a meta-workshop)!

MATRIX is hosting the event at their RTP office on Thursday, February 24 from 1:00pm - 4:45pm. If you are in the area and would like to attend, you can click here to register.

Over the past 5 or so years, the terms Agile and Extreme have proliferated much of the thinking behind how we best build software products. This has been driven from the Agile Methodology community and its techniques and methods have certainly been gaining momentum.

* Are you seriously considering trying agile? Read a few books, but are still confused about where to begin?

* Are you being told to adopt Agile and don’t know exactly what that means?

* Are you in the middle of an Agile adoption and struggling with it?

* Are you an experienced Agile leader or practitioner and still feel that your not getting the investment returns you expected?

In this interactive workshop there will be no canned presentation materials. Instead, the class will work together to define a set of questions / challenges that as a group we’ll tackle—discussing possible approaches & solutions.Here’s a workshop session where you can get your “Agile Adoption” questions on the table and have experienced agile coach and practitioners Bob Galen and Josh Anderson help guide your efforts. Consider it 3 hours of “free consulting” focused on Agile adoption.

Episode 13 - Agile Testing, Part 2

Bob and Josh wrap up their two-part discussion of testing in an agile team. This second session covers various agile testing subjects, from continuous integration to automated test development.

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