Episode 10 - Tempo

Bob and Josh discuss various topics around a team's tempo. Items covered include sprint tempo, release tempo, and the effects that various tempos have on a team's productivity.

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  1. Josh - can't believe you didn't share this before.

    Bob/Josh - great podcast. I look forward to dialing into all the back episodes ;)

    Tempo - you discussed the "overhead" in sprint tempo but I didn't feel you articulated the simple difference in effort between planning 3 weeks vs 2 weeks. The overhead in planning 2 is "less" simply because there's less to plan. Maybe that was too obvious to say?

    Radiators - great to hear of the "open bug count" radiator from Bob. Another topic for a podcast? What are the best things to have on radiators?

    Release Planning Practices - thought there were some great insights into release planning tempo, and a few nuggets of how to do release planning well. Maybe another podcast on specific practices for release planning? What works well?

    Tempo of Podcast - seemed to me that the podcast almost had an s-curve. Started off slow, wrapped up slow, got into a real groove in the middle. Just made me smile.

    Keep at it.

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    Yeah, we tend to do the s-curve thing as we wind our way into and out of the topic. We seem to figure it out as we go. And NO, we aren't going to say "that's just being agile!" We just work better when we don't script it all out.

    All good points for us to work on. Thanks again!