Bob and I spoke at our local AITP meeting tonight and, I must say, things went pretty well. My talk started a little late, so I tried to tear through it pretty quickly and ended up going too quickly! Luckily, we had a lot of audience participation and I was able to fill the remainder of the time with a Q&A session. As usual, Bob knocked his talk out of the park. But who didn't expect that!?


Bob and I had some scheduling conflicts yesterday that prevented us from getting together for our recording session. We're working on a plan to get it taken care of next week.

Perhaps we should record a couple casts in one sitting so we don't run into this issue in the future. Hmmmm.....

Next week = Big week

As mentioned in a previous post, Bob and I are speaking at our local AITP event (details here) on Thursday night, and we are due to record our next podcast on Wednesday. Throw in our day jobs and we are packed to the gills (such a strange image). Anyways, if you are in town, and can make the event, we'd love to see you there.

In the meantime, I am feverishly wrapping up the presentation and notes for the new talk I am delivering on Thursday night. It should be fun and we hope to see you there!