Next week's topic and call for questions

Bob and I just decided that Meta-Cast #4 will be centered around the concept of self-directed teams. If you lead a team, are on a team, or have a "friend" on a team that could stand to be a little more self-directed, but you aren't sure how to get there, this podcast will be for you.

As you may have noticed, Bob and I are rarely short for words, but we are here to serve you, our listeners. If you have specific questions about this topic, or any other, you can send in your questions a couple of ways.

1. Add a comment to this post.
2. Email:
3. Twitter: @MetaHyphenCast


  1. Hi Josh,

    I've been listening back through the podcasts, there is some great stuff in there. I really enjoy you and Bob together, quite the team!

    I was at the Agile Leadership Network this Tuesday and saw Bob. There was a question I asked him about something you said about unused software - he suggested contacting you. The quote was that 51% (I think) of software goes unused. Wow, what a huge number! Talk about the need to build the right thing!

    I am training our leadership team next week in our organization and it's a number I would love to use with them. I was wondering if you had the source for that so I could back it up if asked.

    Again, keep up the great discussions. And also, fascinating that Bob is now SAFe certified!

    With thanks in advance,

  2. Here's a quick link that talks about a number close to 51%. Not exactly sure what number I used in the podcast... :)

    You'll get some interesting data if you google "unused features".