See us live, and in person!!!

Both Bob and I will be at a couple of local events here in the southeast part of our country over the next couple of months.  Here is a quick recap of where we will be and when.

Our first event is Agile Coach Camp 2010 the weekend of March 19-21 in Durham.  It is an OpenSpace event so we don't have scheduled talks, but we are both looking forward to the event as we share our experiences and learn from other talented agile coaches.

Next, Bob and I are speaking at the RTP area's AITP (Association of Informatoin Technology Professionals) meeting on April 8th.  I will be speaking before dinner, and Bob bats clean-up with the longer after-dinner talk.  Bob's talk is entitled "Are you agile enough?" and mine is "Becoming and effective agile leader (A.K.A. Chicken Training)".  Please join us, but don't worry if you can't make it as I plan on posting our presentations here.  Hopefully it will be recorded and I can post a video feed of  both talks.  We'll have to wait and see what the setup is, but we will post something!  You can find the information about this event here:

One last item: I'll be at AgilePalooza in Atlanta, GA in Atlanta, GA on February, 26th.  I am not speaking, but I am quite excited about their "Advancing Agile" track.

If you see me or Bob at any of these events, please reach out and say hello!

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