Hey, where'd my Meta-Cast go?!

Three weeks with no Meta-Cast.  WTF you ask?

We tried, I swear we did.  Bob was a late scratch for our scheduled recording session last week, so I made a call to the bullpen and was lucky enough to get a virtual Mariano Rivera.  James Avery of www.tekpub.com fame joined me on a recorded Skype call where we talked about starting large projects and companies, my bad Ohio grammar, and goal setting.  Unfortunately, we had a few too many connection issues that caused the recording to drop audio at key times in our discussion.  Over the past week, I tried cutting it together in hopes of at least putting something up, but it just wasn't going to happen.  I blame James' s sketchy wireless connection.  :)

However, rest assured that Bob and I are recording at our normal time next Wednesday.  So never fear, Meta-Cast 3.5 will be up as scheduled next Wednesday night.  Thanks for sticking with us during this little hiccup!

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