Episode 116 - Is Kanban right for you?

We've all been there.  Scrum is getting old, and you want to try something new.  Here comes Kanban to save the day!  Maybe not.  Kanban sometimes just makes things worse.  We help you figure out if Kanban is right for you.

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Bob and Josh,

    Thank you for this episode. About two months ago I tried to go from Scrum to Kanban with a team. It seemed like a good step at the time, because we are doing continuous delivery and the sprint ceremonies seemed to make little sense. Our features would be at customers before sprint reviews and the fixed sprint duration seemed over-restrictive. The team was behind the idea, but it didn't turn out to bring the results we hoped.

    One of the most notable things was the disconnect to the bigger picture. We underestimated the maturity needed to go towards Kanban. When we switched back to sprints we saw immediate increase in productivity.

    What do you think are good indicators that a team might be ready for Kanban? In the episode you talk about a team "earning" the right to do Kanban. Do you think Grows method (http://growsmethod.com/practices/index-by-stage.html) gives good guidelines to estimate whether we are ready for Kanban?

    Thank you for your work,
    You inspire me to try to do better every day