Episode 114 - Building an Agile Backlog From Scratch

Agile teams perform best when they have a well formed, and continuously refined, backlog.  That sounds great, but how do you get there if you don't have a backlog yet?!?  How in the world do you get started?

This episode gives you everything you need to jumpstart your backlog, and in turn your road to a great implementation of agile.  Learn how to build your first stories and how to get your team refining and sizing!

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Episode 113 - Agile Questions and Answers

We collected dozens of audience questions from one of our recent speaking engagements.  In this episode, we answer them for you, in rapid fire mode.  Good luck finding a more answer-packed agile podcast episode out there!

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Episode 112 - Radical Candor

Great teams, and leaders, build a safe environment where truths are told, even if they hurt a little.  How healthy is your team and their relationships?  Are truths told in a healthy manner?

If there are issues that need to be discussed, but they never get on the table because it is uncomfortable, we help you tackle that with this episode.  Learn from our mistakes as you hear some of the hard lessons learned by Bob and Josh throughout their careers.

Links discussed/referenced in this episode: 

Episode 111 - Middle Management & Agile

Agile adoption is difficult.  When you are in middle management during an agile transformation, so many questions are raised.  What is my role?  How do I effectively lead in this new paradigm?  Does anyone need me anymore?  We answer all of these questions, and more!

Aside from tackling this classic agile challenge, but Bob throws down a HUGE challenge to Josh.
Sumo suits.  Yes, your two favorite podcast hosts, in sumo suits.  Who will win?

Let's discuss your views on middle management's role in agile and the imminent sumo suit challenge!

Episode 110 - Great Agile Backlogs

It all starts with a backlog.  The health of an agile team correlates directly with the state of its backlog.

That all sounds great.  How do we get our backlog to be "great"?  Listen to this podcast, that's how!

We are kidding, or are we?  This episode offers a lot of great tips that can help you get your backlogs back on track and making a real difference in your team's performance.  Oh, and Bob may have written a thing or two about backlogs...
What is your secret sauce for great backlogs?

Episode 109 - Building An Agile Brand

Learn the importance of treating yourself as a brand, especially in the agile community.  Bob and Josh share their experience, and a few tips, as they walk through their thought processes in building their individual brand, corporate brands, and the brand of this podcast.

More importantly, we want for your feedback and ideas on agile brand building.  To support the community, we need you to engage with your fellow listeners by sharing your thoughts and ideas using the hashtag #ABB.  Let's discuss!

Episode 108 - Importance of Tempo

Why is cadence/temp so important to agile success?  It is amazing to see how something as simple as a well defined cadence reduces the "noise" of a process and provides focus for teams and individuals.

Have you experimented with different tempos?  What success stories do you have?  Let's discuss!

Introducing The Agile Podcast Network

Bob and I started our podcast seven years ago with a simple mission: help others become more effective software professionals through the use of solid agile principles.

That's a big mission.  We know we can't do it alone.  We also know we don't have all of the answers.  With the Agile Podcast Network, you are presented with an array of podcasts focusing across the spectrum of your agile needs.

  • Looking for a different view on product ownership?  APN has that.
  • Looking for a diverse set of guest speakers? APN hast that.
  • Looking for the best agile podcasts on the internet?  APN is that.

Episode 107 - Bad Cop, Bad Cop: When Agile Isn't Right For You

Even though Bob and Josh believe agile is the right path, there are some situations when trying to "go agile" just might not be right.  We take a deep dive into uncovering common indicators that taking on an agile transition in organization would actually be a bad idea.

Did we miss anything?  Have you run into any of these scenarios?  Let's discuss!

Episode 106 - Agile Roles and Responsiblities

How should you handle roles inside an agile team?  Can/should you share responsibilities or is it best to have a bunch of specialists?  Bob and Josh share their views on how highly effective agile teams operate and manage the complexities of roles and responsibilities.

How does your team handle this?  Are you a group of generalists or specialists?  Let's discuss!

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