Episode 101 - Explaining Agile To Non-Software People

We spend most of our days focusing on agile, writing code, and everything else that goes into delivering world class software.  However, agile is applicable well beyond the realm of software engineering. How can you relate agile to family, friends, or anyone else that wonders what you do?  Can you explain agile to someone and help them apply it in their daily life?

Bob and Josh take a stab at doing just that in this episode.  What tips/tricks/stories do you use in this instance?  Please share!

Episode 100 - Six Years of Agile Learning

After six years (and 100 episodes!) of learning and growing, Bob and Josh take a look back at how they, and their agile opinions, changed over the years. A big thanks to Cory Bryan for the topic idea!

Episode 99- Good Cop, Bad Cop on SAFe

Bob and Josh revisit their "good cop, bad cop" routine and apply it to SAFe.  In this episode, Josh takes the side of pro-SAFe, while Bob attempts to persuade Josh that adopting SAFe is not the best approach for this dreamt-up scenario.  You be the judge on who is good cop and who is the bad cop!  :)

REMINDER: Episode 100 is upon us!  If you have any topic ideas for our 100th episode tweet using the hashtag #meta100

Episode 98 - Career Paths for Scrum Masters & Product Owners

As organizations adopt agile, many employees evolve their career to adopt roles such as scrum master and product owner.  What do the career paths look like for someone in these roles?  Bob and Josh discuss their approaches and strategies for tackling this problem.  What do the career paths look like in your organization?

We are nearing our 100th episode!  If you have any ideas for a BIG topic for number 100, please let us know!

Episode 97 - Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a foundation of agile, but generating a culture that fosters and even requires it can be a bit tricky.  Learn how to transform your culture with tips and tricks from Bob and Josh on how they've transformed the cultures of their organizations.

What tricks do you have?  Let's discuss!

Episode 96 - Frameworks as a Silver Bullet (FaaSB), The Fallacy...

Frameworks, frameworks, frameworks!  So many folks are selling one, and everyone else thinks they need one.  Bob and Josh rip into the idea that any one framework can be a silver bullet for your situation.  Learn how to evaluate what makes sense for you and how to build an agile approach that fits your unique situation.

Episode 95 - Building Self-Directed Teams

In response to this #meta-question on Twitter...
... Bob and Josh take a deep dive into what exactly is needed to become a self-directed team and how you, and your team, can become one.

We've danced around this topic across numerous episodes, but never took the time to really dig into helping everyone understand how challenging this is.  What challenges/successes have you had in building self-directed teams?

Episode 94 - Agile Is Dead

Is that title just clickbait? Give us a listen and find out...  ;)

Just kidding!  Don't worry, we really do dig into a growing movement declaring that agile is dead.  Some of our more recent experience aligns with this view.  How did we get here?  What can we do about it?

Do you think agile is dead?  What are you doing about it?  Let's discuss!!!

Episode 93 - Revisiting Agile Testing

We originally discussed agile testing over 5 years (and 80 episodes) ago.  Today we revisit the topic to learn how our views of testing in an agile world have evolved.  We cover topics ranging from QA/Dev ratios to automation.  You'll find that we've learned a lot over the year and this episode reflects that.

How has your view of agile testing evolved over time?  Leave a comment below or mention us on twitter using #AgileTesting to start the conversation.

Here are links to our original discussions from 2010 and 2011.

Episode 92 - How to Hire a Scrum Master

Hiring a Scrum Master is one of those things that doesn't happen often, especially when you compare it to how often you hire an engineer to fill a role in your agile team.  Like anything in life, practice helps refine your skills.  If you haven't had the opportunity to hire bunches of Scrum Masters (and therefore refine your process of doing so), this episode will help you sharpen up quickly.

What tips/tricks do you have for hiring a Scrum Master?